With a broad experience base in litigation and regulation, Sturgill Turner’s utility and energy attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge necessary for representation in any forum and are equipped to provide legal counsel on a wide spectrum of utility-related matters. Our Kentucky attorneys have experience in litigating matters before the Public Service Commission, including setting utility rates, acquisition and transfer of control, approval of financing, and certificates of public convenience and necessity. We have negotiated contracts for wholesale water sales, utility asset transfers, municipal franchise agreements, natural gas processing, and other energy-related matters. In addition, our attorneys have represented municipal utilities, water districts, a sanitation district, and an electric generating and transmission cooperative in litigation in state and federal courts and administrative agencies on issues that arise in every utility’s operations—from simple torts to complex employment matters.

Our experience in utilities and energy law includes:

  • Represented public utility and municipality in rate cases before the Public Service Commission.

  • Successfully defended a public utility in a “show cause” investigation established by the Public Service Commission.

  • Assisted a water district in obtaining approval for Kentucky Infrastructure Authority financing and a certificate of public convenience and necessity from the PSC.

  • Advised a water district on refund of sewer charges ordered by the Public Service Commission.

  • Represented a public utility and its corporate parents in an administrative case in which the entities received approval of a transfer of control.

  • Represented a municipality in a case in which the Court of Appeals determined that a developer was not statutorily entitled to refunds for water and sewer line extensions.

  • Defended municipalities in litigation in Boyle, Madison, and Whitley Circuit Courts involving sanitary sewer backups onto private property.

  • Advised municipalities regarding the award of utility franchises.

  • Negotiated a contract for the processing of natural gas.

  • Defended a water district in breach-of-contract litigation filed in Pulaski Circuit Court.

  • Defended a regional sanitation district in Campbell Circuit Court related to property damage.

  • Defended an electric generating and transmission cooperative before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against claims of discrimination and retaliation. Advised a regional sanitation district on the legal duty of certain private property owners to pay storm water fees.