Sexual Harassment Prevention


An important element of defense for any employer to a claim of workplace sexual harassment is establishing that the employer not only has a policy prohibiting sexual harassment, but that the employer has actively trained employees on identifying, preventing and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace.  Research shows that the most effective training is interactive, done in person by an external expert, and tailored for the particular workplace.[1] With Sturgill Turner, that is exactly what you will get.


Our Employment Law team has over 100 years of cumulative experience litigating sexual harassment and discrimination claims for employers large and small, public and private. We apply that experience when developing our training materials. Our training sessions involve direct education, participant involvement through “quizzes” and scenario discussion and video re-enforcement.  We will work with you to ensure training meets your specific organizational needs.  Each training session is thoughtfully customized for the particular workplace and situation, with emphasis on real-life scenarios—no canned PowerPoint presentations or corny, outdated training videos. Our significant experience in the employment arena means that we have experienced a far reaching and wide variety of claims and, especially with supervisors, have real-world experience we can relate to help educate on specific points.  We believe this experience sets us apart and from “boxed” training options and provides added value.


When was the last time your company provided training to educate your supervisors and employees on the most effective methods to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination? Contact us today to discuss scheduling a Sexual Harassment Training or Discrimination Prevention Training session for your workplace.