Sturgill Turner attorneys speaking at national DRI Annual Meeting

Ernest H. “Hank” Jones, II and Stephanie M. Wurdock are speaking at the DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.


Hank, an insurance defense litigator and skilled mediator, is presenting an ethics CLE on the topic of “ADR Missteps: Avoiding Ethical Traps at Mediation” on October 17.

From white waivers and persuasive puffery, to fraudulent misstatements and nondisclosure of material facts, this interactive panel session will provide important ethical tools for your next mediation. What rules actually regulate lawyer ADR conduct? What are your ethical obligations to the various parties during a mediation? Our experts will answer these questions and share their insights on important professional responsibility topics.


Stephanie, a healthcare law and medical malpractice defense attorney, is presenting to the DRI Young Lawyers Division on the topic “Under Pressure: A Guide to Decision Making Under Stress and Your Ethical Obligations to Your Clients and Your Firm” on October 18.

The speakers will discuss your ethical obligations when making time sensitive and important decisions for your clients and your firm, while addressing how real-time obstacles can thwart even the well-intended lawyers. In addition to walking through some of the specific ethical obligations that arise most frequently in such high-stress periods, they will use several practical scenarios to help you develop the tools to navigate some of the more subtle ethical challenges you face in day-to-day stressful situations in your practice.

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