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Health Care Law

Sturgill Turner’s health care law team is committed to providing comprehensive legal counsel and services regarding all health care law corporate and compliance matters. Health care is one of the more intricate and highly regulated industries. Our team of health care law attorneys stays up-to-date on relevant legislative developments to provide the most inclusive and informed counsel possible. Our health care attorneys have extensive experience navigating state and federal laws and regulations impacting health insurers and employee group health plans, as well as healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and physician practices.

Our health care attorneys provide legal counsel to health care providers and organizations regarding the Affordable Care Act and Accountable Care, Medicare and Medicaid, ERISA, HIPAA, Managed Care Relationships, Physician Licensure and other matters of federal and state regulatory compliance.  A signature area of practice includes drafting and negotiating contracts and policies for institutional providers, and the managed care industry. We’re also available to advise medical practices on practice management and employment issues generally and related to complying with federal Privacy and Fraud and Abuse laws, Provider Reimbursement, commercial Network and ACO participation, and Credentialing and Peer Review matters.

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