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Written by Jamie Wilhite Dittert and Stephanie M. Wurdock.

Medical practitioners across Kentucky are all too familiar with the following scenario: an official-looking document comes into the office, someone signs for it, and inside you find a paper with strange words: “Subpoena Duces Tecum.” Congratulations, you have been subpoenaed! So what does that mean? A “subpoena” is a paper that commands a person to appear before a court. A “subpoena duces tecum” compels an individual to appear and bring with him certain records. This article is intended to provide an overview of what to do when you receive a subpoena duces tecum. (This article only addresses subpoenas issued in lawsuits in which you or your practice is not a party. If you or your office is involved in a lawsuit and receive a subpoena in connection with that suit, please contact your attorney immediately.)


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